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Resell our Email Marketing System
We offer resller plan to IT vendors, hosting companies and agencies.
With Your Own Brand Or Ours   Easy To Start
We have already set up a perfect email marketing system for you, all the sending process will be controlled by the system. You can choose to show the brand, domain of your own company, or ours. It can save you a big number of sources while you promote or do any other Value-added stuffs.   All the software and hardware will work itself by the system without your extra settings. Only 6 steps, you can have your own Email Marketing System. Sell it to your current customers and start your own marketing business now.
Good Profit   More Features
Cooperate as reseller, you don’t have to pay any administrative fee or account opening fee. Reseller can elasticly mark higher price, and profit from the price differences.   A good software rely on its functions, we work on R&D source and develop more functions to satisfy every customer's needs. e.g. e-mails combining, detailed analyzing reports, system Integrating, diverse ways to import e-mails, etc.
Security & peace of mind   Professional Support
We respect every customer's privacy, we will not abuse and open customers' emails and advertising documents. And we will sign confidential agreement with all resellers to ensure the safety of the data.   We got a professional and skilled team which can serve our customers during the working time. They can deal with the system using problems and questions involved in professional technique.
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