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Enterprise Email Marketing Software
Email marketing shows the power of increasing customers and sales in business. It's a good tool to build brand recognition, target website users, communicate and inform customers with the latest news and products, as well as create effective advertising campaign.
You may feel trouble to manage so many email lists, to deal with the unsubscribers and bounces. It's also too difficult to learn the market trends without any detail reports. But you don't trust the outsource EDM company because you will bear the risk of the data privacy. For large scale enterprises, it's not smart to use online email marketing services.
Take it easy, JSender Email Marketing System is a professional and effective tool to solve all these problems. We have a new service package for the company and help you to have your own email marketing system, as well as dedicated to serve you only. Install to your target destination, you can enjoy unlimited usage and run forever with one license.


Our email marketing software has a number of creative features to meet your requirements:
- Contact List Management
- Mail Merge
- Automatic Unsubscription Handling
- Intelligent Bounce Detection
- Image Hosting
- WYSIWYG Message Editor
- List Segmentation
- Interactive Tutorial
- SMS Integration
- Message Forward
- Campaign Report Sharing
- ISP Feedback Loop
- Sender Policy Framework
- Unlimited Custom Fields
- API for System Integration
- Scheduled Campaign Sending
- Unlimited List Export
- Google Analytics Integration
- Signup Form for Contact Gathering
- List Import by Excel
- Message Templates
- Sophisticated Delivery


Software License
- Single server, single domain license
- All the standard features of JSender@Cloud
- System installation and deployment
- SMTP server not included
- Unlimited email blasting and list size
- First year maintenance


HK$ 95,000 (Perpetual license)


Maintenance after first year
HK$ 35,000/year


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Logiciel pour entreprises
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